Wholesale Fuel Products

Talley Petroleum Enterprises has been the leading fuel supplier in Pennsylvania since 1961. Today, we have expanded our services to include wholesale fuel purchasing. Now, other fuel providers can buy various distillate products from us right off the rack at terminal locations across the state. Talley Petroleum wholesale customers enjoy the benefits, like competitive fuel pricing and superior customer service, that have defined our business for decades.


Available Fuel Products

If you are a local fuel provider seeking competitively priced liquid petroleum products, you’ve come to the right place! Talley Petroleum is pleased to offer wholesale purchasing options for a wide range of premium fuel products.

  • 15ppm Heating Oil
  • On-Road/Bio-diesel
    B2 and B5 15ppm ultra-low sulfur
  • Off-Road Diesel
    15ppm off-road diesel NRLM DYED + Lubricity



wholesale fuel storage tank

Current Fuel Terminals

Once you order wholesale fuel from Talley Petroleum, you can conveniently pick up your order at any of the following terminals. The terminals that we supply through are dispersed across Pennsylvania so that our customers can easily access and transport fuel within nearby areas of operation.

  • Gulf Terminal – Highspire, PA
  • Sunoco Terminal – Kingston, PA
  • Gulf Terminal – Dupont, PA
  • Gulf Terminal – Altoona, PA

Are you interested in purchasing wholesale on-road diesel, off-road diesel, or heating oil, in Pennsylvania? Contact Talley Petroleum to become a wholesale customer today!

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